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05 June 2009 @ 11:33 am
Fher is sick so he had to go home to Pampanga today. Nakakainis lang because my mind is set already w/ our plan of going home to TANAY tomorrow. Anyway, I miss him already just knowing that NLEX is keeping us so much apart hehe. So here I decided to list down some of our funny moments. Our craziness is too much to handle.. but I think that's what's keeping us together.. the loud, long, head banging and neck breaking laughs every single day.

1. We don't have gate sticker, so it's always a challenge to pass through our village guards. One time, nakapasok kame so smoothly because the guard is on the phone. TING TING TING.... lightbulb moment. Sabi ko sige kunin natin yung phone number ng guard house, tapos everytime dadaan na tayo tawagan natin. Then we imagined and acted out:

Ayn on the phone: Hello guard, tanung ko lang kung puedeng pumasok ng village kahit walang sticker.
Guard (played by FHER): Ay ma'am, hindi po...
 --Since he's on the phone, nakapasok na kame by this time---



OR: Nagririring ang phone... ayaw sagutin ng guard...
Fher will slightly roll down his window and say, "HELLO, nagriring kayo yung phone nyo." HAHAHAHA

2.While watching Juday and Ryan's wedding special...
Ayn: Wow ako din may Ryan... yun nga lang instead na Ryan - RA-YOT (riot)
Fher: Ay hindi naman nakakatawa. Pero ikaw si JU-RAL.
*Note: JURAL is derived from the kapampangan word BURAL which means malaking mata
Ayn: Andaya walang seriosohan.
Wahahaha talo na naman ako.

3.Someone texted Fher..
Text: Janna, si mike to.. musta?
Ayn to Fher, "im bored patulan natin to!"

Text back by ME: Hi mike musta?
Text: blablablabla
Text back by ME: May aaminin ako sayo, hindi ako si Janna, si Janno ito.
Wahahaha laugh trip.

For now, ito muna. Wish I can recall all the crazy stuff we thought of, created and acted out.
(Anonymous) on September 7th, 2009 01:39 pm (UTC)
Oist Aynst! Natawa naman ako sa Janno comment mo! At nakapost din pala dito yung kwento mo about your plan of tricking your village guards. So hindi pa rin kayo kumuha ng sticker at nakakapasok pa rin naman ang kotse ni Infherlalu? - Jenny