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17 October 2008 @ 08:13 am
My two boys are not beside me.  

Fher's assignment is in Cagayan De Oro just for one week. But that means, we're not gonna see each for 8 days. That's long! Really... Every night sa apartment, nagdradrama ako na I feel so alone etc... and natatawa sa akin si fher but it's true! 

Next, my bestfriend (atleast here in the ofc, hehe) Jayjay flew na to Singapore this morning. I got a text message from him at 3am before his flight, and I felt so so sad. Parang, this is the realization na he's really gone, he's not one text/call away. After his resignation effectivity, I would call him every hour of the day and I would consult him about Swiss Miss. And I've never find someone as passionate as he is... he'd still text me about things to do kahit resigned na sya... haayyy..  

To my two boylets: Jay, I love you. Fher, I need your body now hehe...

Current Mood: gloomygloomy