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21 December 2009 @ 08:22 am
Friends, would you know how much I can sell my Canon S5 camera? I'm planning to go back to the simple point and shoot. :)
21 November 2009 @ 09:07 am
Why do I find it so hard to answer the question... "What are your interests?" ???

Well, my default answer during job interviews or when answering applications before was badminton, reading etc. But really, last time I played badminton was like 2 years ago, and the last book I read was the twilight saga book 3 (see i even don't remember the title). Arg. This is frustrating. Why am I not passionate about anything?

While Cha and I was on our way home, she asked me what would be my dream brand to handle. She answered w/ all sureness, for her it would be milo, nike and olympics. Why? Because she loves sports. While, I said it would be any coffee brand..? err because I love drinking coffee. Shucks. That was the best answer I could make of.

Yesterday, my boss and another teammate had lunch together. They were talking about anime and online games. And of course, I could not relate. And booom, they asked me what my interests. Shet. I laughed, good thing, they started throwing options which I can say puede or not really.

Sana puede kong sabihing laughing o tumawa sa jokes ang interests ko kase ang babaw eh. Sana puede kong sabihing sports, environment, literature and politics, kaso parang hindi naman. How sad.
Current Mood: discontentdiscontent
17 August 2009 @ 03:05 pm
Is it already annoying? Sorry but i'd have to say again how lucky I am to have the best boyfriend in the world. Last week I took a work day off to process my pre-employment requirements, and since I was endlessly complaining days before on the hassles of lining up for NBI, going to SSS, Philhealth and BIR, Fher also took a leave to be my official driver and escort. How touching. I wish every girl could be loved by someone w/ so much care,passion and respect. I've always thought (siguro based on my past experiences) that relationships could be so complicated, but now I know that when it's right, it's so easy. I am happy. Now I can say that being happy is as easy as plainly laughing. It's so easy being happy with Fher.
24 July 2009 @ 09:58 am

Finally the change I was longing will happen soon...  

Current Mood: thankfulthankful
24 June 2009 @ 08:54 am

Noon pa man, naniniwala ako na may natatangi para sa bawat isa sa atin na mamahalin natin nang panghabambuhay. Nang makilala kita, naramdaman ko agad na ikaw na nga ang para sa akin. Nalaman ko ito dahil napansin ko na masaya ako kapag kasama kita at madali mo akong napapangiti tuwing malungkot ako. Nakita ko rin sa mga mata mo ang kabutihan at kabaitan ng iyong puso... sa pagiging madali para sa atin ang tanggapin ang ating pagkakaiba at pagsuporta sa mga pangarap ng isa't isa. Naging madali para sa akin na malaman na ikaw ang tanging kukumpleto sa buhay ko -- dahil sa iyo, naging mas mabuting tao ako. Isa kang biyaya sa akin at nangangako akong iingatan kong mabuti ang pagmamahalan natin.

Oh yes, I have the best boyfriend. He tries to be cheesy just for me.
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16 June 2009 @ 04:15 pm
I know this is just a phase. But right now, I feel so stressed out w/ work. I'd rather cook and wash the dishes, then wait for my husband to come home and be his slave. hehe.


I am so frustrated! Maybe I should just go to Canada as well.

I often dream about work, about the numbers I have to achieve, about the frustrations of my boss.. I can't sleep well na. I hope this will soon be over.

Thanks to Fher for being my rock.
I am so excited to share w/ you my discovery!!! 

Just a brief background, saw a small BLACK cockroach inside my clear drinking glass dancing around while I am busy working. So as a punishment to the cockroach for not being discrete, I trapped it inside the glass. I quickly turned the glass upside down, and shouted "HULI KA!"... So the trapped roach is beside my keyboard throughout the morning... But excitingly, when I came back from lunch, the black cockroach is now, wait for it.... a white cockroach! It changed its skin... parang snake!!! See pics below:

I''ll be keeping this muna so I can observe changes pa. Wahaha. Simple joys... Am I weird?! :)
05 June 2009 @ 11:33 am
Fher is sick so he had to go home to Pampanga today. Nakakainis lang because my mind is set already w/ our plan of going home to TANAY tomorrow. Anyway, I miss him already just knowing that NLEX is keeping us so much apart hehe. So here I decided to list down some of our funny moments. Our craziness is too much to handle.. but I think that's what's keeping us together.. the loud, long, head banging and neck breaking laughs every single day.

1. We don't have gate sticker, so it's always a challenge to pass through our village guards. One time, nakapasok kame so smoothly because the guard is on the phone. TING TING TING.... lightbulb moment. Sabi ko sige kunin natin yung phone number ng guard house, tapos everytime dadaan na tayo tawagan natin. Then we imagined and acted out:

Ayn on the phone: Hello guard, tanung ko lang kung puedeng pumasok ng village kahit walang sticker.
Guard (played by FHER): Ay ma'am, hindi po...
 --Since he's on the phone, nakapasok na kame by this time---



OR: Nagririring ang phone... ayaw sagutin ng guard...
Fher will slightly roll down his window and say, "HELLO, nagriring kayo yung phone nyo." HAHAHAHA

2.While watching Juday and Ryan's wedding special...
Ayn: Wow ako din may Ryan... yun nga lang instead na Ryan - RA-YOT (riot)
Fher: Ay hindi naman nakakatawa. Pero ikaw si JU-RAL.
*Note: JURAL is derived from the kapampangan word BURAL which means malaking mata
Ayn: Andaya walang seriosohan.
Wahahaha talo na naman ako.

3.Someone texted Fher..
Text: Janna, si mike to.. musta?
Ayn to Fher, "im bored patulan natin to!"

Text back by ME: Hi mike musta?
Text: blablablabla
Text back by ME: May aaminin ako sayo, hindi ako si Janna, si Janno ito.
Wahahaha laugh trip.

For now, ito muna. Wish I can recall all the crazy stuff we thought of, created and acted out.
25 May 2009 @ 10:23 am
1. New bangs. I have bangs again, and not only I but everyone don't like it. Wahaha. I was bored, and I felt a sudden urge to use my fingers, so grabbed scissors and pulled a generous amount of my hair. So now, I look like Ugly Betty w/ my braces pa.

2. New layout. Yey. Credits to exitclosed . I am hoping this will give me more enthusiasm to update my lj more often.

3. New obsession = UKAY - UKAY. LAVETT! Since Fher and I are saving up for our happy ending, I will have no clothing allowance for the next two years. But w/ my ten pesos fab ukay purchases, I get to update my wardrobe every week. Sobrang galing. Even my officemates are loving my uk collection.

4. New chapter. My Kuya is finally leaving for Canada this Wednesday. Mixed emotions. Happy and sad.

5. Not really new, but revitalized friendships. I got to catch up w/ Alda, Maan and even my housemate Danpee last week, and it feels really good. ICC is still solid. To Alda, stay strong and hapiness will come. To Maan, wag na sya, hindi sya consistent. HAHA. To Danpee, who and why? hehe. 

Current Mood: okayokay
21 May 2009 @ 03:47 pm

1.       ME: If you have it, plunge it! (in my mind: ay, dapat pala flaunt!, buti na lang mukhang sadya)
2.       Danper: Anu nga yung movie ni Brad Pitt at Anthony Hopkins?  
        ME: Hmmm… nasa dulo ng dila ko... Meet... tapos may black yun eh… tapos may pangalan ng guy ...  Meet…  Black…. Jack? 
3.       Guy: Hello, Mam Robina?
        Reese: Sorry wrong number.
        Reese to me: Akala nya ata office to ni Robina Gokongwei
        <Phone Rings again>
        Guy: Hello, Mam, Robina? (notice may comma na after ng mam, hehe)
        Me: Are you looking for Ms. Robina or are you asking if this is Universal Robina? 
         Guy: Yung pangalawa po.

, dictum